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Equal is an independent software development company that specializes in the systems analysis, design and implementation of technical software. Equal has been established to service the needs of clients who need complex analytical expertise or software developed that requires detailed technical expertise, analysis and visualization of data applications. Equal has successfully managed and implemented a wide variety of projects in the textile and retail industries. Today thousands of inventory professionals around the globe use our flagship product. The Company has been promoted by some highly experienced Professionals dedicated to provide total IT solutions under one roof. It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experience hands to offer most user friendly customized solutions. Our success is built on continuous innovation. We listen to our customers and consistently deliver what they need next. We design software to create customer process easy, realistic, and accurate. Equal can help you incorporate state-of-the-art sales and demand forecasting solutions into your business, optimize safety stocks and service level inventory requirements, and develop or improve your process. With these solutions, you can manage the future of your business much more effectively. You can increase accuracy, reduce inventory levels, improve customer service, make paperless office — because with Equal Smart Software, you See What’s Next!’

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Equal Software Features

Equal uses the latest technology to provide features in a simplified manner. It is a robust system that is easy to use.

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source):

Equal allows you to configure TDS ledgers by specifying the Nature of Payment, along with the Rate of TDS. It determines user-defined expense/payment types with user-defined rates. TDS can be deducted automatically based on pre-defined rates, once the transactions exceed the threshold limit. You can generate Challans, the Form-16A Certificate as well as the quarterly and annual returns

E-mail :

reports and documents directly.

Rapid Implementation :

This means with the lowest training requirements of any accounting system in the world! A consistent data entry interface has your accounting up and running in minutes

Real Time Processing :

Equal updates all your books, ledgers and reports as soon as a transaction is accepted. There is no need to specifically ask for an update. Your statements are always ready with the last saved transaction

Speed :

The only reason you should automate your accounts is to get information FAST. Equal outdistances all systems with its ‘faster-than-thought’ performance

Unlimited Companies and Periods of Accounting :

Handle the accounts of more than one company. Compare data across companies and financial periods. View information for any period. Consolidate companies with a single keystroke!

Reports and Zoom :

All reports are dynamic and allow further interrogation from summary to the actual transaction voucher.

SMS Integration :

With Equal you can send sms your invoice details or order or any festival greetings to your customer.

Broad Search Capabilities :

comprehensive search facilities in all the report and each and every orders, invoices, vouchers. You can configure your search list.

Broad Print Capabilities :

Prints orders, invoices, vouchers and cheques. Choose from several default formats. View reports and their layouts, prior to actual printing

Interest Calculation :

Equal has completely definable Interest Calculation methods. You can tackle problems with methods definable for each transaction

Multi-location Stock Control :

Use Equal to keep track of your stock at single or multiple locations. Create unlimited classification systems for your Items.

Sales and Purchase Orders Processing :

A comprehensive facility to record orders with a complete cycle of recording and allocating them through inventory deliveries, invoicing and accounting. Single sheet reports give current stocks, orders due for delivery, orders due for receipt. Get party-wise or item-wise details of outstanding and/or fulfilled orders.

Sales invoices :

are produced directly. Print, Export, E-mail or publish them. Equal has a very comprehensive invoicing system that allows flexible handling of charges and taxes. The invoice format is available in different formats and you could adopt them as your own or have a completely different layout designed!















Sql Server

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Crystal 10.5

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Equal Exe

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Crystal 9.2

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Online Help

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Technical software development

Need software developed and you don't have the in-house time, expertise, space and/or the equipment? Equal Infocomm software has the technical resources and development expertise to realize all of your software aspirations, at a total cost that is usually significantly cheaper than in-house development. Many applications and projects have been successfully completed using .NET, PHP for Windows XP and server editions. Equal Infocomm is also able to design and create application for Mobile (Android) and iPhone.

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    Vishal Fashions

    I just wanted to let you know how happy i am with the service provided by your company. Your service from start to till date has been wonderful and on a professional. Your best qualities are service and quality of work. I also like central stock and accounting management system of your software. Scan And Store facility help us to save invoices and receipt at one place, your software has gave new life to invoices.

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    Harikishan Virmani

    Rivaa Export Ltd [ Rivaa Group]

    It simplified my accounts took the stress away and changed my one day month to 30 mins. It enabled me to centralize my invoicing ,bills, bank, accounts.

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    Shailesh Rathod

    KP Sanghvi Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

    I choose to work with "Equal", Your software is very easy to work. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy with this new software. Your software has saved my entire working time with central data management at locations SURAT, MUMBAI, AHMEDABAD.

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    Jay Tekwani

    Girdhar Fashion Pvt. Ltd.

    We could not believe how easy your software, you provided prompt, professional and brilliant service. Your software were extremely help us for your Trading, Dyeing and embroidery unit.

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    Ashok Yadav

    Seymore Prints Pvt. Ltd.

    Equal helps to send and manage invoices. I truly love the sms, email an scanner integration. Main advantage of this software is , it requires lowest training because of its easy user interface.

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